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I have rolled three arrays of stats for you to choose from. I rolled several times to get some arrays that were roughly balanced and provided some variety.

18 15 13 12 10 08

16 16 14 14 12 10

17 16 15 14 13 08

Characters start at level 2. Since multiclassing rules have not been well described yet, no multiclassing.

Choose one of the following:
a. 450gp and the starter gear specified by background and class. 2 Healing Potions.
b. 600gp. 2 Healing Potions.

There are a few house rules in effect:

1. All players receive 5 bonus hit points in addition to their normal hit points. This is a flat bonus applied at level 1 and does not increase.

2. When calculating your hit dice, do not roll. just take the maximum value of the die (A Wizard with a d6 dice takes 6, a fighter with d10 takes 10)

3. No Stat Caps. The basic rules state you cannot raise a stat above 20. That rule does not apply.

4. Additional Weapons. Additional Bow Options are described here due to the lack of decent bow options otherwise.
4a. Composite Shortbow: 1d8 Damage. 50gp. Range (100/400)
4b. Composite Longbow: 1d10 Damage. 100gp. Range (170/680)
4c. Greatbow: 2d6 Damage. 150gp. Strength Requirement: 13. Great Weapon. Range (200/800)

5. Masterwork Quality Weapons and Armor.
5a. Price: Items with a base price of 200gp and below cost an extra 100gp for masterwork quality. Items with a base price above 200 cost 50% more for masterwork quality.
5b. Masterwork Weapons have an additional +1 to attack rolls with the weapon if you have proficiency with that weapon.
5c. Masterwork Armor has +1 AC.

Lorengar Isles

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