Lorengar Isles

The Journey Begins

Aka. Vrondar is pretty sure Copper Moon owes him money.

Our Journey begins with a request from the Duke of Borumin’s Rest. Burmor, one of the Duke’s Magisters has betrayed the kingdom and turned to necromancy. With the arrival of the King just weeks away, the Duke has asked our party of adventurers to handle the situation discreetly and avoid any suspicion of danger, and stop any potential goblin attack or undead threat.

After investigating around town, our adventurers discover Burmor has likely gone to the edge of the Valindrin Forest to rally a small goblin force to invade the town. Burmor seems to be set on performing a necromantic binding ritual, which looks to have something to do with Borumin, The dwarf that defeated a necromancer and his undead army after being raised while still possessing his soul.

Our adventurers head towards the edge of Valindrin Forest with one of the Duke’s other magisters, Draco, in tow as an aide. There they defeat a small goblin force that seems to be somewhat organized before their leader flees and leads our adventurers to their hideout. An intense battle ensues, where the timely healing work of Dylan prevents any of the adventurers from falling in battle. Afterwards our adventurers discover their first magical item! A blade that can reshape itself into almost any other type of blade! Our adventurers explore further and find two paths available! Down one, Vrondar is able to make out what looks like a chest on the far wall!

Which path will our adventurers take?


drakis drakis

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